• (Beginner to Intermediate) Many cultures and peoples around the world have used a variety of natural materials to create baskets that are both beautiful and utilitarian. Grasses, reeds, pine needles, and bark are just a few of the examples of items that can be dried and turned into baskets. While a variety of techniques exist to join these materials, the one we will focus on in this workshop is the coiling technique. This ancient technique involves making coils and stitching them together to make a basket. At the end of this workshop, you will have made a small basket with natural materials and gained the fundamentals to create even more complex designs in the future. Come to Perennial Petals Flower Farm and work with Cara Jordan. Sunday, July 21 in the afternoon from 1-4pm
  • Made from flowers grown in Stouffville, hand picked, air dried and lovingly designed. Full wreath is built on 4” metal ring Half wreath is built on 6” metal ring. Other sizes are available, please contact us for more detail.
  • Grown and roasted in Fergus, Ontario. We are now carrying these delicious artisanal nuts. Three unique and yummy flavours: Poached Pear Walnuts, Apple Pie Pecans, and Sweet Whisky Pecans. They can be paired with cheese, used in salads, as a coating for meat or fish, dessert toppings or just pop them in your mouth for a great snack. 115g resealable package Please note in the comments which flavour you would like.
  • This subscription starts in April and will run for 7 months with one delivery each month. The arrangements will vary depending on the time of year. In April it will be mainly Spring flowers; tulips, narcissi, lilacs gradually moving into peonies and summer flowers and ending with a pumpkin arrangement in October. Each month you will receive something new and interesting. An excellent gift for the flower lover in your life.
  • This subscription will start any time after June 20th until the end of August. It is a 4 week subscription delivered once a week to Stouffville, Aurora or Newmarket. Each bouquet will be made up of the best sunflowers we have to offer at that time. Sunflowers are such cheery blooms that you can’t help but smile when you see them.
  • Create your own masterpiece with a Wall Wreath Kit. Templates are provided for both a circle and heart shape to create on the plaque provided. All necessary materials are included. You will need to have a glue gun, pencil and snippers or scissors. This kit can be shipped as well, please inquire about rates.
  • Anytime/Anywear Aprons

    We think aprons should be fun and versatile. That is why we found some of the coolest patterns for these bib style adjustable aprons. These can be used in the kitchen, in the garden or anywhere that you may need a bit of a cover-up. These aprons have an adjustable neck loop to make it totally comfortable on any body. Made from 100% cotton. Available in adult and kid sizes.  Fabric patterns may be different than shown. Adults - $30   Kids - $25   Set - $50
  • Four weekly, fabulous spring bouquets delivered to your door in Stouffville, Aurora and Newmarket. As soon as Mother Nature warms things up enough for our earliest flowers to start blooming, we will be happy to share them with you. Spring bouquets are made up of tulips, daffodils, columbine, pussy willows, and many other early blooms. These are extra special after our winter season. Get one for yourself and one for a friend.
  • Say hello to spring with this whitewashed wicker container filled with bulbs and plants that radiate ‘SPRING’ as well as your own personal accents. Great way to shake off the winter doldrums and jump into a new season. You go home with a fabulous planter that can be repurposed later in the season by filling it with stunning succulents or other pretty plants. Minimum 3 - maximum 8 persons for workshop. Saturday, April 6, from 1- 2:30pm
  • Create your own dragonfly for your garden. Deborah from Tiny’s Studio will be joining us at the farm to take us through the steps of creating your very own dragonfly sculpture. At the end of the day, you will have a completed dragonfly to attach to your wall or fence. Completely weatherproof, totally unique and definitely beautiful. Saturday, April 20th, 2024 - 1-5pm This is a small group workshop and each person will have all the attention they need to create a masterpiece. Minimum 3, maximum 6. No refunds unless the workshop is cancelled. Materials required: 1 extra large white t-shirt, roll of tin foil.
  • 4 weeks, one bouquet each week delivered to your door in Stouffville, Newmarket or Aurora. This subscription starts at the end of June.
  • What is this membership for?

    The flower fields at Perennial Petals are generally not open to the public. Because we are a working farm, we are focused on growing the best cut flowers for our customers. However, this year would like to share the floral beauty with other flower lovers. With this membership you get access to the flower fields once a month to pick a bucket of your favourites. This opportunity will be offered in July, August and September. You will have access to the fields on Tuesdays from 4pm to 7pm. Come to the farm once a month and use the studio to create your own arrangements or relax on one of our many scenic perches and soak in the atmosphere. It’s your time to spend how you desire; restfully to recharge.
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